HP Pavilion dv7t Quad Edition series

After owning HP Pavilion dv7t Quad Edition series for a little over 2 weeks Here's what I have. Larger display Brightview for ease of reading and viewing all media. Lighting doesn't present problems and you can adjust the brightness for your own ease of viewing. Something difficult to do with previous versions. Comes with Windows 7 and is very easy to operate. Uses the Explorer 8 and works great with it. Dedicated numeric keypad is a definite plus. Sound is excellent for all types of media and the touch volume on the keyboard tray is perfect place. Remote control is necessary for those impromptu phone calls when you are away from the unit. Webcam + microphone is quick and easy to use, with optimal quality. Takes just seconds to create snapshots and capture video. Wifi works from a greater distance than most other units have in the past. It quickly finds its source and connects you to your desired connection.
There is "Recover text from any file" ability with the Office 7. And an Open and repair in Office 7 as well. Having libraries and folders that condense for multiple objects open reduces the clutter at the bottom of the screen. Scroll over the Internet icon to see pop-ups of what pages you currently have open, and the same with documents. Very good idea. Security features such as prompt for allowing ActiveX keeps you and the computer aware of what content is being opened. The Activex bar is sometimes annoying, but once your pages and websites are set to allow, it gets easier to use links within them. The enormous amount of holding space in this portable desk top is amazing. If you are a business buyer or just someone who plays games or goes to college there is plenty of room for all of your files of any type. The mousepad style and texture is a great idea in that you won't have to worry about wearing out the texture. It is a smooth surface to begin with and your fingers glide smoothly for ease of use. The battery life for this 8 cell battery is shorter than the 12 cell at only about 3 hours. Therefore, it is recommended either to upgrade the system to use a 12 cell or to purchase a second 8 cell for traveling or power outages.