Maintain Your Computer – Keep Your Business Running

Maintaining your computer is very important - especially if you have Internet Marketer. As you know, without your PC, your business can
come to a screeching halt. There are 4 important steps, where you can do regularly to help protect your computer and your livelihood.

The first line of defense, to invest in quality software viruses. Whether it's Norton AntiVirus, McAfee Virus software or other software to protect themselves and
your computer.

I personally have set Norton to run every night. This may seem like a hassle when you try to do the project, however, the 10-minute break
action is much better than one or two days of residence time - and possible loss of data if your computer crashes. And believe me, I learned from this experience.

The second line of defense, to invest in software, promotional products. I use Ad-Aware SE Personal - you can get a free version or version Shareware - the decision is yours. We use a free version, but will ultimately
will go to a paid version for additional protection. In any case, Ad-Aware SE will protect your computer against these creatures, such as data mining, scumware, parasites, mulware, browser hijackers, to name a few.

A third line of defense is to always make a backup of your data. Although we do not want to hear it, understand that the hard drive can go belly up or crash. It's always better to have a backup - it shortens the time to stay.

Just one side note, when I worked in the corporate world, I had the misfortune to have a leader computer illiterate. My computer started to make a sound like seagulls. I told my manager, I think the hard disk will be exposed. He did not want to believe me and said: "We do not have money in our budget for hard drives. I find that this is a little rough and waited nervously for the comments hard disk to the exit. To make a long story short, two days later, I got a secret
Statement of flashes on the screen that says: "Back to the hard disk - Error" - instead of a hard disk fell and died. Amazingly, they are not their little $ 60 budget to get a new hard disk. Now, how do you think my head the company's financial costs?

The fourth line of defense and support, always clean temporary Internet files. With the memory!

Clearing the temporary Internet files, you must do the following:
1. Opening your Internet connection.
2. Click Tools, then Internet Options
3. Under the General tab you'll see
marked "Temporary Internet Files"
4. Click the Delete Cookies, for instance, and then the button Delete Files, he said. When you click to delete a file box will open and asks whether you want to alsodelete offline files - check that box.

On the General tab you should also see a section called History. I reduced the number of days that I was holding to the page you are visiting. Again, this helps to save memory.

These simple maintenance tips can keep your computer clean and secure, which is very important when you make your life on the Internet.