Mini Notebook Computer Features to Keep in Mind

Do you often find on the road, in the hope that you bring your computer to browse the web or work from almost anywhere? If so, then you might want to start looking for a mini-notebook computer.

Mini notebook really began to grow rapidly for several years, due to the very compact design and built-in wireless compatibility. They are also usually cheaper than the average laptop computer, which is a great help in increasing their popularity as well. However, apart from size, what makes them different from a standard notebook or laptop? There are some important differences to keep in mind before you actually go shopping and buy this particular computer.

The first factor to remember is that they tend to have far less disk space than other types of portable computers. Mini notebook computers will have anywhere in the 10-60 gigabyte hard disk space, which is very small by today's standards. For this reason, they are best combined with an external hard drive or thumb drive if you intend to use the mini in your home or need to save a lot of work on it. However, this is not the only thing to remember when looking for a mini notebook.

These computers also tend to have a video card less and less RAM than a laptop is also larger. This is due to its small and compact size, which is made very small, because less and therefore less powerful component. However, if you do not intend to play all games on the mini-notebook computer is not a problem. Also, because the same small size, the monitor will also be less understood. Many of the mini-monitor that has a range of 10-14 inches, which May be too easy for you to see. So remember this, too.

Most major computer manufacturer to make this mini notebook, so if you have any brand should not be hard to find mini brand. Major manufacturers such as HP, Sony Vaio, Dell, and Toshiba all make mini notebook model. However, smaller manufacturers are too, so you can choose from different companies.

Make sure to pay attention to the size of the monitor, video card, RAM, CPU, hard disk space, number of USB ports, and if your computer mini notebook you are interested in a CD / DVD drive. These factors vary from miniature models so it is important for you to take these factors into consideration when looking for your miniature models.