3 Cool Cell Phone Tricks For You

Cell phones have become ubiquitous.  It is now unusual to find anyone who does not have one of the little beasties.  The obvious next step was to seek a means to ensure your cell phone is unique and different from all of the others out there.  A variety of features exist in varying combinations and there are the usual tricks like customizing the picture on the screen or the ringtone.  These are almost all more style than substance. 

We’ve all experienced the ringtone that outstays its welcome and then just won’t go away or a ringtone that is just particularly inopportune for some reason.  There are also stories of just the wrong cell phone wallpaper showing the bosses relative or some other potentially embarrassing sight.  Some people actually use those phones for something other than status symbols.  Here are a couple of tricks for those.

One potentially useful trick is the doggie whistle.  For cell phones that allow multiple ring tones, using the inaudible dog whistle for one provides a handy method to discourage annoying dogs that might chase you as you jog, harass you as you walk or some other hassle. 

Another useful trick is that of habitually locking the phone’s keys when you replace it into a pocket, purse or other container.  The random presses of buttons that otherwise occur are a drain on battery power unless the phone has been told to ignore them with the lock command, and can potentially save money if the phone might accidentally hit the correct combination to make a call.  Another useful feature to save battery power is airplane mode, for those times when you do not desire to answer the phone but do expect to need the phone's other features, such as a planner function or even clock. 

Finally, cell phones are terribly convenient.  Carrying around a phone book isn’t.  Yet conventional directory assistance costs can add up.  The alternative is 800-FREE411, or 800-373-3411.  This is an ad supported directory assistance that can be used to find numbers you haven’t stored on your phone without running up those directory assistance charges.

A Brief Introduction To Fiber Optics Technology

Understanding how fiber optics are made and function for uses in everyday life is an intriguing work of art combined with science. Fiber optics has been fabricated from materials that transmit light and are made from a bundle of very thin glass or plastic fibers enclosed in a tube. One end is at a source of light and the other end is a camera lens, used to channel light and images around the bends and corners. Fiber optics have a highly transparent core of glass, or plastic encircled by a covering called "cladding". Light is stimulated through a source on one end of the fiber optic and as the light travels through the tube, the cladding is there to keep it all inside. A bundle of fiber optics may be bent or twisted without distorting the image, as the cladding is designed to reflect these lighting images from inside the surface. This fiber optic light source can carry light over mass distances, ranging from a few inches to over 100 miles.

There are two kinds of fiber optics. The single-mode fiber optic is used for high speed and long distance transmissions because they have extremely tiny cores and they accept light only along the axis of the fibers. Tiny lasers send light directly into the fiber optic where there are low-loss connectors used to join the fibers within the system without substantially degrading the light signal. Then there are multi-mode which have much larger cores and accept light from a variety of angles and can use more types of light sources. Multi-mode fiber optics also use less expensive connectors, but they cannot be used over long distances as with the single-mode fiber optics.

Fiber optics have a large variety of uses. Most common and widely used in communication systems, fiber optic communication systems have a variety of features that make it superior to the systems that use the traditional copper cables. The use of fiber optics with these systems use a larger information-carrying capacity where they are not hassled with electrical interference and require fewer amplifiers then the copper cable systems. Fiber optic communication systems are installed in large networks of fiber optic bundles all around the world and even under the oceans. Many fiber optic testers are available to provide you with the best fiber optic equipment.

In fiber optic communication systems, lasers are used to transmit messages in numeric code by flashing on and off at high speeds. This code can constitute a voice or an electronic file containing, text, numbers, or illustrations, all by using fiber optics. The light from many lasers are added together onto a single fiber optic enabling thousands of currents of data to pass through a single fiber optic cable at one time. This data will travel through the fiber optics and into interpreting devices to convert the messages back into the form of its original signals. Industries also use fiber optics to measure temperatures, pressure, acceleration and voltage, among an assortment of other uses.

A guide of Outlook Express backup

Most small companies and home users don’t need to buy an expensive solution for data backup. They can simply copy important files to a CD or DVD, and if an information loss occurs, they can get it back easily.
If it is simply to copy documents, photos and other files, not the same is for emails, attachments, address book, stationery and other related information from your Outlook Express email client.
This article will explain how everybody can create a manual Outlook Express backup copy (because Outlook Express don’t offer a built in backup function) This email program is usually installed with the Windows operating system and is probably among the most commonly used email programs today.

1. Backup email messages
In Outlook Express, emails are stored in files with DBX extension. The easiest way to find these files is to open Outlook Express and from menu select Tools | Options | Maintenance and click the Store Folder button. Here you can find the path to the folder containing your emails.
This procedure works for all kind of email: SMTP / POP3, IMAP, MAPI, or even the Hotmail Account (some messages might be stored only at the Hotmail server).
To save all your emails and attachments you should copy all the DBX files from the folder.

2. Account settings:
Details about your mail and news accounts are stored in the registry. To find them, start RegEdit and select the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Account Manager” key from the left panel. To save this data, from menu select: Registry | Export Registry File. Save the file to a name like "accounts.reg". 

3. Mail Rules
The Outlook Express mail rules are stored in the registry, in the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities” key. To save this data, from menu select: Registry | Export Registry File. Save the file to a name like "rules.reg". 

4. Address Book
The backup of address book is easy to do. It is stored in files with WBA extension. To find the location where address book is stored, you should open Outlook Express and from menu select File | Export | Address Book and select the comma separated text file as your output format. Click Export, select the folder where the backup will be saved and set the name for the backup file. After that click Next and choose the fields you want to include in your backup. Click Finish and your backup will be ready.

5. Stationery
The Outlook Express stationery location is stored in a registry key. To find it, you should open RegEdit, find “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Stationery” key and look at “Stationery Folder” value. There you will find the path to stationery folder. To save the stationery, you should copy all files from that folder.

If you think that manual backup is too hard, you can use a backup software tool, which can make the job much easier. Outlook Express Backup Expert is one product that can be used to easily create Outlook Express backups. It can save your emails, attachments, address book, signatures, blocked list, mail rules, stationery, accounts and settings. The biggest advantage to use automatic email backup software is the schedule function, which will create backups at specified time intervals, without user action. The downside of using a automatic email backup utility is that it costs money, usually about 20-30 USD as one time payment, while the manual backups are of course, free.
The conclusion is that email backup is a critical operation for every user.

Accessories For Laptop Computers - What Do I Need to Have?

Accessories for laptop computers are acceptable anytime added advanced, aloof as the technology aural the computer itself is acceptable added advanced. When you accomplish the about-face from a desktop computer to a laptop computer you may acquisition that there is a deluge of accessories that you could use with your fresh laptop. Sometimes it is adamantine to ascertain which ones you charge and which ones would be a decay of money. This commodity will attenuated it bottomward to the best important accessories that you will need.
The aboriginal affair that you may appetite to accede is how abundant you get pleasure application a mouse. Best laptop computers advance what is alleged a touchpad instead of a mouse. This is a baby rectangle of about three by bristles inches that allows you to ascendancy the arrow on your awning by application your finger. As you run your feel forth the touchpad, the arrow on the awning will move.
Some bodies aloof cannot get the adhere of a touchpad and would abundant rather use a mouse. That is why the best accepted accent for a laptop computer is a carriageable mouse. If you adjudge to shop for a carriageable mouse, accomplish abiding that you get one that can bung into a USB Port. This will accomplish it actual accessible to bung and unplug at your own convenience.
Next, you'll appetite to accomplish abiding that you accept a array charger. Out of all the accessories for laptop computers, this is apparently the best important. Fortunately for you, a array charger will best acceptable be included with your purchase.
Finally, there is at atomic one added alternative accent for your laptop - a set of carriageable speakers, which are all-important for more good affection audio than what you will get from the congenital laptop speakers. If you accept to a lot of music again you ability account from application carriageable speakers. However, if you are not activity to be alert to abundant music on your laptop, you can apparently skip out on the speakers.
There are a few added accent options, such as headphones, abundant keyboards, etc you may appetite to eventually buy. But for now, it may be to your advantage to stick to the basics that we had discussed here.

A Choose Up Game - One of My Best Games

The teams were picked and the line ups were announced. I was batting third. I could not wait to hit. Hitting to me was like eating for a fat man with a tape worm. I lived for the experience. I knew even before I batted that I would get a hit. I was so young and cocky! After the first two guys on my team made outs, I strolled up to the plate, as confident as Babe Ruth - pointing to center field in the 1934 World Series when he called his famous home run. Digging in and sneering at Donnie, I was determined to smack that pill. First pitch was a high and tight fastball.

I got out of the batter’s box and stared at Donnie. I was thinking fastball for his next offering. I was right. The ball came in so big. I could see the red seams on the ball. Boom! I connected on that real sweet spot on the bat. All batters love that sound. That crack that sounds so solid. Pitchers hang their heads when they hear that noise. It’s like the strike of chalk on a backboard, they hate it. The ball jumped off my bat and sailed over the left and centerfielder’s heads. It was a shot and a half. As I rounded the bases I got a glimpse of Mr. Ginsburg, the high school coach, watching me round the bases. This was Major League stuff.
A few innings later.....

Gazing at Donnie, I thought how much more determined he looked, as I went to bat for the second time. His brow was crimped and his eyes were staring. With a runner on first he was pitching from the stretch. His leg glided toward home his arm raised high, he flung the ball at me. I do not know what kind of pitch he threw. What I do know is that I hit a rocket about 15 feet over the third baseman’s head down the left field line. As the ball rolled and rolled I scampered around the bases as if I was being chased by some animal. I saw home plate in my head as I ran. And as I rounded second base I again saw Coach Ginsburg now watching the outfielders race after the ball. I hit third base with authority and sped home for my second round tripper in two at bats. My teammates congratulated me. The stands were buzzing again. I remember my friends jumping up and down with big smiles on their faces.

I felt wonderful. Two times to bat. Two home runs, against our high school star pitcher. This game was a fantasy baseball dream come true. I was Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Willie Mays all rolled in to one that day.
Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think would enjoy reading about baseball.

laptop computer temperature monitor

Is your computer restarting itself more than often or is shutting down without any notice? One of the reasons might be that your computer has overheating problem. One of the best ways to monitor is to install temperature reading software that might help you actually know if the problem is causing by overheating. Coretemp is a tiny application which is low on resources and is surprisingly accurate. Intel and AMD’s new technology known as DTS(Digital Temperature Signal) let these applications help monitor the temperature accurately.

It is a tiny but extremely powerful and accurate program which tells you the temperature of each core simultaneously and can be easily installed on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Access your Instant Messenger Chat History from Anywhere

Are you chatting a lot from different PCs? Tired of losing your conversation history every time you switch computers? Access your chat history for any instant messenger, from any PC, anywhere in the world with a free service!

If you ever interrupt an important conversation or a friendly chat and want to catch up later, you can now have access to what was previously said, making it easy to restart a conversation from where it stopped. You can access it thanks to the built-in conversation history features of your favorite instant messenger, such as ICQ or MSN Messenger. Your conversations are stored on the hard drive of your computer for your future reference.

But what if you are away from your home computer? Or, what if you chat on several different PCs? In that case, you would have parts of your conversation history stored on different computers, which causes all kinds of problems from simple inconvenience to invasion of your privacy and security leaks. Using your work computer for chatting, when allowed by employers, is particularly prone to this problem. The worst part is that you cannot even synchronize those PCs to have one solid conversation history as this operation is not on the list of most instant messengers!

Keep your conversation history always accessible and save your chat history online with a new service! IM-HISTORY stores your instant messages on secure dedicated servers, and provides easy online access to your chat history from anywhere in the world.

IM-HISTORY (http://www.im-history.com) supports all popular instant messengers, including ICQ, MSN Messenger, Miranda IM, QIP, Skype, Trillian, and Yahoo! Messenger. IM-HISTORY client is easy to install and configure. It detects supported instant messengers automatically, and offers you an option to upload your existing contacts and conversations online. Install IM-HISTORY on all PCs you use for chatting, and consolidate all contacts and scattered conversation parts into a single, solid online archive that is easy to access from any computer. IM-HISTORY stores your sensitive data securely, and provides real-time, 24/7 online access to your information.

Are you using more than one account, or even several different instant messengers? IM-HISTORY provides an option to consolidate all your accounts from all supported instant messengers into a single, easy to access online archive.

IM-HISTORY is here to stay. In the nearest future, it will support even more instant messengers, including AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), GTalk, IChat, Kopete, Pidgin (Gaim), and other popular products. Soon you'll be able to access your message history from mobile platforms too - imagine using your mobile phone for chatting, and seeing what you said when chatting on a PC!

IM-HISTORY does for the first time what many have been dreaming of. With no real alternatives, there's just no doubt that any serious IM user would want to have IM-HISTORY on their PC. IM-HISTORY is absolutely free, so download your copy now from http://www.im-history.com and have greater chatting convenience wherever you go!

About Norton Anti-Virus

With the many types of anti-virus software, it is helpful to read a brief description of what the different types do and how they can be beneficial to you and your computer.

Norton Anti-virus

Symantec's Norton AntiVirus software is perhaps the world's most trusted antivirus solution. It is available for both Windows PC's, and Macintosh (Symantec Antivirus for Macintosh - S.A.M). Norton AntiVirus is a very reliable and easy-to-use anti-virus product. It's the best anti-virus product for catching viruses in downloaded files and E-mail. Norton AntiVirus is also more expensive than McAfee VirusScan although not by much, and the added abilities of Norton can easily make up the difference.

Norton AntiVirus includes many tools that can be run in the background, including watching for suspicious PC activity and automatically checking downloaded files for viruses. Norton AntiVirus is also automatically configured to handle E-mail virus scanning for email messages coming into your computer, as well as those you send. This process automatically scans and cleans both incoming and outgoing email, stopping viruses from infecting your computer or spreading to others. It removes viruses automatically, without interrupting your work and prevents infections during real-time online chats, and also detects viruses in instant-message attachments. Because so many viruses and internet worms are now spread using email and Instant Message Systems, this is extremely valuable and necessary protection.

Norton Installation

Installation is simple. Simply install the CD in your CD drive, and the installer will launch automatically. The installer should ask you if you want to do a pre-install scan of your system for viruses. This is a very good thing to do. Once this is finished, the installation will proceed, and you can accept all the defaults without worry. Once the installation is complete, you'll be prompted to go online and get up-to-date virus definitions. DO NOT skip this step. Having up-to-date virus definitions is essential to the performance of any antivirus software.

Normal Use

Norton is a very hands-off program. Pretty much it is an install and forget program that looks after itself. It will automatically notify you if there is anything that you need to do. If a virus is found, the software will try to automatically repair the file, if it can't, it will place the file in a safe 'quarantine' zone, and let you know. In addition to looking for known viruses, the Norton Antivirus Bloodhound feature tries to spot new viruses and worms by their behaviour that is common to such nasty programs.

Checking your system and downloading updates are two things you need to do regularly. Norton Antivirus makes them painless by setting up a full system scan once a week and checking for new updates (both to the software, and virus definitions) whenever you're online. These simple update scans hardly slow down your PC down at all.

Overall, Norton Antivirus is an excellent way to guard against viruses. It is the system that I recommend to my clients most often, and that I use personally.